9 Tricks in Personal Statement for Orthopedic Residency Writing

personal statement for orthopedic residency

Personal Statement for Orthopedic Residency Is Important

There are quite a lot of things that you might want to take into consideration when drafting your personal statement for the future residency. With this in mind, we would like to provide you with a few helpful tips and tricks which might assist you in the matter.

9 Tricks for Personal Statement Orthopedic Residency

  • Be concise. This is especially important. You want to provide the reader with as much information in a concise manner so you don’t get the readers overwhelmed with information.

  • Be precise. You want to make sure that whatever information you include is on point. Don’t just add irrelevant information to fill in the statement.

  • Mind your grammar. Hand in your paper for professional proofreading or use a comprehensive online grammar checker.

  • Mind your punctuation. This is another incredibly important aspect of your work. Improper punctuation could ruin the ring of your paper and could get you penalized.

  • Structure the text properly. Keep in mind that it’s absolutely essential to properly structure your text. This is going to enhance the readability and it’s going to make it easier for the assessing committee to go through it.

  • Don’t over share irrelevant information. Make sure that everything you write in your personal statement is directly related to the topic.

  • Avoid using clichés. This is another incredibly important point. You have to ensure that your writing stands aside from the competition and one of the most effective ways to ensure this is to avoid using unnecessary clichés.

  • Get an outside opinion. Once you are through with your personal statement for the orthopedic residency, go ahead and hand it to one of your friends or to a member of your family. Not only would he provide you with a fresh perspective but he could also spot a mistake or two.

  • Control the quality. Make sure that every single sentence you add to your statement means something. Avoid using fillers and fluff content because it’s going to make a bad impression.

Professional Help Is Always a Good Idea

Keep in mind that coming up with a great personal statement for your orthopedic residency is no walk in the park. It’s a slippery slope and failing to properly write it might as well cost you the place.

Furthermore, you have to spend quite some time on it in order to make sure that it’s perfect and it’s going to make the best impression in front of the assessing committee which is definitely rather challenging. If all of this seems a bit overwhelming or too much, you should most certainly consider turning to a professional.

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